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Hosted by
Bailey Carver
August 14th | 15:00 MDT | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

The Basics

I am going to walk you through the basics of Pinterest so that you can make the most of your account.

Create Beautiful Graphics

Ever wonder how people create beautiful graphics for Pinterest? Well, I am dishing all the secrets and making it simple for you to do the same.

Keywords and Captions

Selecting the right keywords and crafting the perfect caption for a pin can seem impossible. But, don't worry I am going to break this down for you.


The last 15-minutes will be reserved for Q&A! Get all your questions answered on the spot.

De-Mystifying Pinterest

There are so many myths and rumors which is why we are going to go through them 1 by 1 and make sure you know how to succeed.

Saving Time

Do you really have time to add one more thing to your plate? Probably not. Which is why I am showing you how you can grow your Pinterest traffic in less than 15 minutes a day.


How can you know if what you are doing is working if you aren't tracking analytics? I am sharing what to pay attention to AND there will be a little bonus to make this easy for you to continue.

Replay Access

You will be able to replay this webinar whenever you'd like. Go back and catch little things you missed.


A little about me...


My name is Bailey and I am a social media consultant, traveler, and dog-mom. I started my blog, Beautiful Detour in 2013 when I decided to take a break from college to move to Australia and travel through South East Asia for a year and a half. The blog was meant to be an outlet and a way for me to document my life. After my break from college, I came back and was more determined than ever to finish my degree. I graduated with a degree in journalism and an emphasis on social media. During my time in college, I had over five different internships in marketing and specifically around digital marketing.

Before graduation I was determined to have a job ready for me (security was so so important to me). I graduated with a full time job as a marketing manager at a clothing company and oversaw all of their social media platforms, digital and in print marketing projects, and in store events. After about a year working there, I decided to quit and pursue my own biz. All the while I was working and going to school I kept up with my blog and grew my social platforms.

When I quit my job I didn’t have a “plan” just a rough estimate of how much I needed to make, a small buffer of savings, and a goal to work for myself. AND I did it! I have been working with clients one-on-one for the past two years helping them grow their social platforms, create engaging content, and foster a community that loves and cares about their product/services. Now I want to share what I have learned along the way with you!

August 14th
15:00 MDT